Saturday, March 11, 2006

Our New 'Bugs

Elizabeth and I own which is a website about insects, mites, spiders, etc., and how to deal with these critters in safe and responsible ways. I am a retired entomologist (entomology = study of insects) and Elizabeth is retired from our state department of agriculture where she was a horticulture inspector.

We are both interested in teaching and helping homeowners and gardeners to understand and appreciate the role that insects, and their kin, play in our "home and garden" lives. Sometimes they help us but sometimes they don't and occasionally may even be a threat. We strongly believe that the more people know about "bugs" the more often they will reach for the camera rather than the can of Ra**!

In the future we'll post here about the uses and misuses of pesticides, keeping deer out of the garden, building a rock wall to encourage slug predators, how pesticide "efficacy" research is conducted, and anything else that pops up. For specific information about insects see our main 'Bugs website.

Jack DeAngelis, PhD

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