Sunday, August 13, 2006

What happened to the forums at 'Bugs?

Some of you may have noticed that the 'Bugs Forums are not working. Unfortunately we've had to close the Forums at, probably for good. The Forums were open for about a year, since July, '05. We closed them this week because they were starting to pose a significant security concern.

It seems that Forums, in general, are being targeted these days by unscrupulous hackers whose sole purpose is to post backlinks and advertisements to their "shady" sites (porn, prescription drug, gambling, etc.) in an effort to enhance PageRank. I was spending about an hour a day deleting spurious posts and registrations. This blog will be easier to manage but unfortunately it is less interactive for users (which makes it more secure). You can still ask questions and post comments using the "comments" button below.

Our plan now is to use this 'Bugs News in much the same way that the Forums were used. First, we'll post common bug questions and answers, suggestions for safely "bug proofing" your home, and garden projects that will make pest control easier. We'll also post site updates here. If you have a question about pest control send it to us in an email and we'll post it here along with our response. Send your questions to

The original LivingWithBugs site is still open so stop by for a visit.


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