Friday, November 20, 2009

Which are the Best "Bug Sprays"?

Whenever I'm ask to recommend a good "bug spray" (aerosol spray insecticide) for general pest control in homes I'm tempted to answer "none" because, in fact, aerosol spray cans are not a particularly good way to package and apply insecticides. The reasons are pretty simple: aerosol sprays cans are expensive to manufacture thus making the cost to the user very high compared to other forms of insecticide; also, because aerosol cans are under relatively high pressure they produce a very fine spray droplet which tends to drift in the air making it difficult to place the insecticide exactly where you want it (and where you don't want it, like up your nose!); and finally, for those concerned about waste, you're left with an empty metal can that has to be discarded.

Having said all that, however, I know that many people prefer aerosol sprays to other forms of insecticide packaging because they are very convenient, and cost is usually a secondary issue.

So, if you are going to use aerosol sprays, which are the best for use in homes? Fortunately, within the last few years new aerosol insecticide products have been developed that are much safer for the user and less damaging to the environment ("eco-friendly") in terms of their effects on other, so called non-target animals. These new aerosols contain natural plant oils instead of synthetic pesticides and for this reason are sometimes called botanical insecticides.

Do Plant Oils Work As Well?

Perhaps surprisingly the answer is yes. In the right formulations plant oils are just as effective as the synthetic pesticides found in older bug sprays. And, another big advantage of botanical sprays is they usually smell better, with what can be described as a soft botanical scent. Older aerosol insecticides often have a strong petroleum solvent odor.

Pesticides based on plant oils are now available in a variety of formulations including wettable powders, dusts, liquid concentrates as well as aerosol sprays. Only the aerosols are generally available in retail stores and even these can be very difficult to find locally.However, a wide variety of natural and organic insecticides (most based on natural plant oils) are now available online here.

If you are curious about any of the new botanical insecticides, including the wettable powder and dust formulations, and the aerosols mentioned above, see this article at our 'Bugs site for much more information:

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