Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bugs That Look Like Bed Bugs

bed bug (drawing)
Bed bugs are pretty easy to distinguish from other insects that you may find around homes. First, since bed bugs can't fly they are confined to areas near where people sleep. You won't find bed bugs crawling across the floor or flying around a light! Second, bed bugs are large enough to be easily seen, about 1/4" as adults, and are a distinctive chestnut brown color.

See this page for close-up pictures of bed bugs actually feeding.

Bed bugs hide during daylight hours in cracks and crevices around bedding and in folds of mattresses. These areas will also generally show dark stains caused by their fecal matter (digested blood, see drawing below). Finally, bed bug bites look like bad mosquito bites on most people (see drawing below). Some people, however, don't show the characteristic bites and some lucky folks hardly react at all. When combined, these signs are usually unmistakable. If bed bugs are found use our control suggestions to manage the infestation.

nearly full grown bed bug

bed bug hiding places, bites

See the 'Bugs Website for bed bug control and other home pest control questions.


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