Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bed Bug Spray and Dust Insecticides

Bed bugs are tiny, wingless blood-sucking insects that infest bedding and bedside furniture where they hide during the day and emerge at night to feed (see Life History of Bed Bugs). Their bite is not especially dangerous since no diseases are carried by bed bugs but the bites can be extremely irritating, like a bad mosquito bite. Bed bugs are generally only a problem in motels/hotels/hostels/dorm rooms and other high traffic establishments but may be accidentally brought home from these places following a visit. Bed bugs are fairly easy to control if steps are taken as soon as they are detected. There's no reason to overreact or panic.

If a bed bug infestation is suspected the most important first step is to thoroughly clean the bedding and bedside furniture. This will eliminate most of the problem and no further treatment may be necessary. However, it is very possible that a few bugs, and/or eggs, will escape this cleaning. To control these last survivors you can use a residual insecticide spray. In addition, baseboard cracks and other crevices should be treated with a residual dust insecticide because adequate cleaning of these areas is almost impossible.

See Using Bed Bug Spray and Dust for more information about these materials including where they can be purchased.

If you take these steps early in an infestation you can generally stop it before it ever becomes established.

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