Sunday, March 04, 2012

Mold Mites In Homes

mold/grain mite
The tiny white/tan "bugs" that people find swarming over surfaces often turn out to be mold mites (also spelled mould mites). Since the mites are also attracted to warm surfaces they may appear to be infesting electronics like computers and televisions.

When found in homes mold mites are usually associated with some type of moisture issue which has caused mold growth. The moisture source can be as simple as a leaky pipe or as difficult as a leaky roof or foundation. The mites feed on the mold and populations can grow rapidly. The mites are tiny, and usually white or tan in color, and have very long "hairs", or setae.

See Mold Mites In Homes for additional life history and control information.

Mold mites are sometimes called "grain mites" because they also commonly occur in grain storage warehouses on the surface of grain sacks.

The mites are harmless. They don't bite or cause structural damage. However, the long body hairs can contribute to indoor allergens when they become airborne. The mites are generally an indication of a mold/moisture problem which is usually more of a concern than the mites themselves. No treatment is needed other than reduction in moisture.

See the "Mold Mites In Homes" article cited above for more information.



Chelsea Nolan said...

Thank you so much for writing this. I have searched all over the Internet. It's been about 2 weeks and I finally was able to conclude what may be in my house. I sincerely appreciate it. :)

Tricia Coulson said...

Just had a minor water leak from foundation leak due to clogged gutter and when we pulled up carpet in basement I noticed these small white bugs too. Thank you for the input!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the blog... but what could be the ones that irritates the body especially seeking the warm parts of the body, biting the back of the scalp, and also armpits and genital areas?