Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New Roach Baits Can Eliminate Tough Infestations

Until fairly recently the control of large, stubborn infestations of cockroaches in apartment buildings, food handling facilities and commercial buildings depended on the "spray and pray" method. In other words you sprayed as much insecticide as possible and prayed that it would work. Most of the time this method in fact failed but it sure made a lot of money for pesticide manufacturers! It failed for several reasons but one was that cockroaches can detect and learn to avoid pesticide residues.

New Research

Researchers have recently figured out that if you lace a highly attractive food with a small amount of slow-acting insecticide the results are better. Roaches find the bait, eat it and thereby contaminate themselves with the insecticide. Now they have time to get back to the harborage (a safe area inside a wall where cockroaches congregate, a simple type of "nest") where they contaminate their mates and disrupt the whole colony. Baits take longer to work but they offer the promise of complete control of even large infestations.

Professional versus consumer-level baits

There are many cockroach baits on the market, some are even sold through grocery stores and the like. Because the new baits are significantly more expensive then the older products they have been relegated to "professional" status. This is unfortunate because it makes them harder for the consumer to find and the result is many people faced with a cockroach infestation resort to insecticide sprays, the old, failed spray and pray method. The good news is that professional-quality baits are now available as well but you have to shop online to find them.

I have posted a revised page about these new baits at our 'Bugs site (click here) including a link to an online source.